About Quit Yout Night Job!

As a seasoned bedside nurse, I’ve watched for many years as my fellow health care workers work themselves ragged and I decided that it’s critical for health care workers to have more options in earning.  Hospital based health care is some of the most profound and meaningful work that a person can do.  It can also be the most stressful–both physically and emotionally.  Blame it on the insomnia, or the GI toll, or the premature aging, the hypertension, or the night shift weight gain,, but if you ask me, shift work has a shelf life.  

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I’ve seen AMAZING

In addition to the toll years of shift work can take on a healthcare worker, I’ve seen AMAZING healthcare workers put out of hospital work permanently by a single work injury, or by the repetitive stress of the tasks we do everyday in the field of hospital-based care.

Income streams as a nurse

If you understand personal finance well, your own money can be both your side-hustle and your plan for the future.  If you know more options for income streams as a nurse, you can measure your next trip in how many island days you want and not how many shifts you’ll have to work to pay for it.

Financial literacy and alternative income streams

Because sooooooo many of my nurse (and doctor) friends can admit to being uniformed when it comes to managing and investing money, I created this site to support some of my favorite people in the world in financial literacy and alternative income streams.

THANK YOU for the work you do!

2020 was #YearOfTheNurse and also #YearOfTheNurseSacrifice  It’s time for more options.